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We are a company of professionals with a young spirit located in the region of O Cebreiro, Samos (Lugo), located next to the Ancares of Lugo, lovers of artisanal elaborations and traditional flavors, as in the past.

In Gran Despensa we craft our finest liqueurs: Liquor Pax, Coffee liqueur and Blueberry liqueur, following the recipes kept for centuries by the Benedictine monks of the Abbey of Samos.


Our flagship product, the Cebreiro cheese, is one of the most emblematic elements of Galician cuisine, characterized by its mushroom shape and its strictly handmade elaboration with cow's milk from the region of O Cebreiro. With a cylindrical base of variable diameter and a slightly wider hat, it is made without any additive or preservative, in a completely natural way. In Gran Despensa we make sure to preserve this century-old tradition by creating some D.O.P. Cebreiro (fresh and cured) without preservatives, or acidity correctors, or additives; handmade in the same way they did in those medieval monasteries.





Gran Despensa offers a wide range of bakery products made by hand in our traditional factory in Samos. We have: Artisan pastas of Almond, Cream, Chocolate and Butter; Nougat and Nut, Yolk, Coffee, Almond Slice, Almond Leaf and Inflated Rice Turron; Chocolates assorted with Pax liqueur, coffee liqueur, black gianguja or with milk, coffee, almond and honey; Coconut and white chocolate, black chocolate and marcona almond with sweet chocolate.





Elaborated by hand or by traditional methods and that keep that artisanal essence, so hard to find and that we miss so much. The sustainability of the environment, the natural cultivation practices and the care of the raw material are hallmarks of identity.

The quality is unquestionable and we only consider delicatessen products of high and recognized quality. Our handmade products are hard to find and they are not in the big distribution, and they only have the privilege of knowing them and enjoying them a few. We want to facilitate the purchase process saving you the searches.